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“It is through well-done that well-being is created”.






Hello, young Padawan


Have you ever seen on the internet this scientific study comparing two rose bushes in the same conditions of luminosity, water; one placed in a quiet room, which grows little skinny petals, and the other which listens to classical music has developed a beautiful flowering?


I noticed that my orchids have more flowers since I installed my Marshall speakers next to them … coincidence? Perhaps. I just think they like good heavy metal. Slayer and Motörhead are to orchids what Debussy and Beethoven are to roses. Phalaenopsis have a rock and roll soul, and that’s all, they feel good with power-chords, here is my theory.


But you know, it’s the same for humans too …




Know how to deal with priorities, or almost

The first thing I do when I move in is not to fill my fridge or put my panties in the drawers. No, there is to my mind some much more crucial things to do.


Indeed, when we move in, it is important to have a minimum of organization and to know how to deal with the most urgent. So, I hasten to … wait, I’m skipping a line because you’re not ready yet.


The first thing I do when I move in, as I said, is to unpack and connect my speakers, put some good sound on, and place at least one of my mythical frames on a wall. Here, this frame remembers one of my Metallica shows in Lyon, France, in 2017. Recent memory, certainly, but knowing that I was first row and that Kirk Hammett himself gave me his pick, as much to tell you that I class this moment in my top 5 of the craziest memories of my existence, just behind the drop of Slash’s sweat I received on my cheek (yes I have Slash’s DNA forever engraved in my skin, the madness of the first ranks in the pit .. but that, I could not frame it, lol. ed).


Each to their own, for your point of view it is perhaps the birth of your children, for me, it is the birth of the riff, love is all. But music is a beautiful baby too.




IMG 4197 - Full Metal Orchid

When you move in, it is essential to know how to deal with the most urgent, lol. You will note that a poster looks better when it is framed.


Being well at home is (also) feeling good.

Joke aside, all these sweat stories (But what a talent!! ed) to tell you that it is important to feel good at home. Whether it’s for a day or a decade that you live there, decorating your house to your taste with the things that make you feel good is of utmost importance.


Don’t we say a healthy spirit in a tidy house? I will add: A balanced mind in a harmonious interior. Feeling good at home is to find comfort, relax, recharge the batteries to be armed with the obligations of everyday’s life. Finally, the hygiene of your house is the starting point for maintaining or regaining self mental hygiene. Everything is connected.


I have sometimes helped some friends to decorate their home because “they could not do it” they did not feel good at home and did not know what to buy or how to arrange their things, etc.

The first question I ask them: What do you like? Because if you like video games, comics, and series, I do not see you in a red, black and candy pink baroque boudoir style, you follow me? If you love mountain and snow sports, why not go for an old pair of vintage skis to make it the centerpiece of your dining room wall?


In my opinion, an interior must never be a matter of fashion. You do like industrial decoration and the trend is Scandinavian fashion? You know what to do: Chesterfield, metal, and aged wood. Life is too short for you to be dictated by a handful of people who have decided that copper should be called “rose gold.”


Everyone has their own personality, their tastes, their desires, but the essential thing is to feel home.


I like to give life to walls in decoration, meaning that I like frames. I’m not going to stick 15 frames per wall either, but I think it really sublimates a room, much more than trinkets. By putting my personal touch from the first second in this new house, not only I feel right away at home but in addition, it gives me the enthusiasm to unpack all the rest of my things. And with good music, the task seems immediately lighter in the heart. Do you follow me? I’m sure you do.


So it’s up to you to arrange your home as you please, wiggling to the rhythm of the music that makes you feel good, and your heart will be as beautifully flowered as my orchids.






Thus ends this lil’ mood post, in the middle of the week of moving for your faithful servant; I return to my moving boxes and see you next week!







PS : I did not manage to find the link of this famous study but here is an Indian scientists’ one who had fun to put various kind of music to Chinese rosebushes, and the results there are also surprising: International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Vol. 5, No. 5, October 2014.


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