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«All trips start at home.»

Allan Gurganus.






Hello, young Padawan,


In the same vein as last week, today, we will talk about some simple but effective tips for a successful move.


I have to my credit a greater number of moves that I do have underwear, so I seem to be able to help you (no, I will not tell you how much bras I have lol, it was an expression, just try to get an idea, ed).


Even if the best method remains yours, you can add one or two of these bonus tips, if you feel inspired.


Let’s dive without further delay in the meanders of the mess you have to pack …




Manage fragile objects upstream

Carefully pack and move, with your car, the very fragile but transportable personal effects such as your Grandma’s Ming vase, Aunty Chantal’s crystal flutes, or precious objects such as watches or jewelry.


Do not forget to put in your purse or pouch all valuable personal belongings that are easy to lose like identity card, checkbook, passport, family book, health record, your cash, and all the legal papers that one cannot afford to lose … All this must go with you for more peace of mind (Did I told you that the translation for a little purse in French is “fuck in town” ? Now you know, ed).


If possible, instead of classic moving boxes, ask your mover to lend you plastic crates to pack your fragile things that will be in the truck. They often have plenty of sturdy plastic containers available (it looks like restaurant’s glass crates), and packing your fragile things with bubble wrap in these solid cases will allow your little mess to arrive flawlessly. Otherwise, think to note very legibly that the content of these moving boxes is: FRAGILE!




My precious, my precious!

To avoid the tragedy of misplacing the items that are most valuable to you and that you can’t move by yourself because they are too many or bulky: number your boxes and ask the movers to put them in this or that room and to put the boxes in order. Therefore, no rollercoaster heartbeat checking from the kitchen to the bathroom if all the boxes of your collection of soda cans are there.


On my side, “my precious” is my professional gear, so I need everything and quickly. By numbering my boxes and putting only that in the office, neither false fear nor a waste of time. And considering the price that it costs, I am also relieved that my ten boxes are quickly identifiable. If it had missed one, I would have seen it immediately.




Well write on boxes

In addition to the destination room, note what will help you to identify the content. Do not just note “bedroom,” “office,” because when you arrive in your new home, you will have a stroke in front of your pile of boxes in each room if you do not know what it is inside and where it ranks.


So, in a “bedroom” box, you note the contents “underwear – pants and jackets for work”, or in a box of shoes you note “summer shoes”, or “ski boots – sport kicks” … then you note the furniture in which it goes. Example: BEDROOM – sportswear/chest of drawers. Or LIVING ROOM – Wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne flutes/cabinet.




Then you do not have to search for 3 hours in all your boxes on arrival.

Make a box in “suitcase” mode, or use one of your travel bags, and place everything you would bring for a weekend: two or three outfits for the whole family, toiletries kit, and add your essentials for the house like towels, sheets, dishcloth, sponge, dishwashing liquid, a roll of toilet paper (yes, we are in the glamor) …


If you’re moving with your family you can add one or two cans of lentils or peas and carrots + a pan, the number of cutlery you need, to have food to eat the first night quickly without having to buy groceries.


And if you cannot clean before the D day: add a vacuum cleaner and all you need for cleaning, so, you know what to open first.




Unpacking time

Attach the cardboard opener or the pair of scissors around the neck with, for example, a shoelace or a cord. It will be a very classy necklace, you will launch a new fashion, but most importantly, you will not lose 20 minutes five times a day to find this f *** box opener! (Can you see that I’m still traumatized? lol).


Start with the functional, i.e., after putting the mythic frame and speakers lol (see my second-degree article here), get on with the professional if you work at home, the kitchen, bathroom, clothes, then end up with trinkets, books, collections of all kinds, and what’s in your garage.


Unpack room by room, then by furniture, meaning that once all the bedroom boxes are in the room, put them in front of each piece of furniture to fill (very easy according to the supernotes that you put on your cartons upstream, ed): chest of drawers, night table, wardrobe, shoe cabinet …




Do not postpone

Yeah, you know what I mean, very well. The four boxes at the back of the garage that will be there for one year or worse, until the next move! Not only by staying like that this way the content can be damaged, but worse, you can buy things you already had!


So gather your courage and unpack all your little clutter, once done, you will be proud and have a clearer mind.







Thus closes the chapter about moving, you’re ready to pack/unpack your boxes, I wish you as fast and efficient as this article was! #modesty.


If you do not move, I wish you a good end of a vacation, or if you are back to work I wish you the best of success. To go back to work is also synonymous with new exciting adventures, renewal, or you can even think about the next trip that you want to do, it’ll give you a nice warm to the heart, and I see you on Thursday.






XO 📦





Ps: Do not forget to say goodbye to your house. Yes, it is a little corny, but you spent some time in this place, cute souvenirs, the least is to say goodbye don’t you think? Nope? Ok, I have a little corny side, but assumed, I reassure you. Kiss, hug, and see you on Thursday.




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And for reading enthusiasts, there are also houses filled with books, but these will be a little too small for you, lol. Little free library, Ferndale, Michigan, USA.

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