Anti sadness tips, the physiological aspect




«True inner joy is self – created.
It does not depend on outer circumstances.
A river is flowing in and through you carrying the message of joy.
This divine joy is the sole purpose of life. 

Sri Chinmoy






Hello, young Padawan


Sadness is not just a matter of psychology, it’s also physiological.

« Physiological?!, what is it ? »



For example, if you eat a little too much sugar for lunch, I bet ten bucks on it that at 3 pm you will be tired as a marmot and that your mood will also be very low. Indeed, your mood is not only correlated with the ideas that work in your little (and very) fertile brain. So first, check what you have eaten recently: too much sugar is the enemy of a good mood.



Furthermore, when was the last time you have been relaxing, clearing your thoughts, thinking about nothing? Don’t you remember? Ok so today, instead of having a lunch with your colleagues you will do me the honor of going outside. Go stretch your legs. Buy a banana or two from the little local grocer, eat them in the park nearby and take a breath of fresh air while watching the birds.
Do not worry people won’t think you are a pervert eating a banana in public. Look at me for example, I’m a girl and eat bananas almost every day in the street and … Uh, joker.
“Bananas are good, it’s not sexual.” Chill By Caro, October 9th, 2018.
If you want a T-shirt with this quote let me know, but I want a pic of you wearing it !!



Third, when was the last time you have been working out? Yes, I am talking about sport. Wellbeing and sport have a lot to do together.
Do not worry I’m not talking about starting an Olympic career, half an hour of fast walking every day is the vital minimum, but if you can do better you will secrete more good hormones of happiness, you will have more energy and you will finish your career writing in a blog about eating bananas in the street. What?!



Low spirits can also be due to chronic pain that is not treated well or badly. Indeed, it tires the nerves to face the pain daily, and so as your mood. Do you take care of yourself enough to make these chronic pain endurable (or non-existent anymore)?
I can only talk about what I know: back pain and joint pain. And it’s very simple because it’s the same miracle cure for both: sports and an anti-inflammatory diet.

As soon as I stop moving after a few weeks back pain and joint pain come back, even if they were not invited. My sports are swimming, fast walking, boxing, and yoga (I start, I try. You can make fun of me: I am as flexible as an ironing board), and if I’m not serious in my training (too much, bad or not enough…) I go to the physiotherapist and/or the osteopath in addition, but it’s been three years since I did not need them.




Finally, there are people prone to seasonal depression. This is clearly people who have low spirits as the days shorten in autumn and winter.

To help a little, there are light therapy lamps sold about 60 bucks that work very well. You put yourself in front of it every morning and it helps your body to have his little dose of daily sunshine (there isn’t any UV you can’t have any sunburn, ed.) after a fortnight, you feel the benefits, or …
You can join me in the VIP team of “perverse banana eaters” in the parks at lunch. Join us, my dear, it’s great to live in the second-degree kingdom!




In conclusion, I guess you understand that it is a thousand times more consistent to eat a banana in the park at lunch than to talk about politics in an office with your colleagues. Maybe to eat a banana is politics!


For the physiological aspects: Beware of the sugar (and of the sugar-daddy even more!), take more natural sunlight especially if you work inside, do more sports, take care of yourself to avoid chronic pain and if you feel it already act accordingly and you will see life back in pink.




Your body is your best ally for your wellbeing.


Strawberry Raspberry Kisses XO



IMG 1472 - Anti sadness tips, the physiological aspect

Geneva, Switzerland.

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