Focus on the glycemic index and why it is crucial







« when we feel bad they say we have to learn patience.

but what if we learn emergency in order to feel good? »

Ludovic Souliman






Hello, young Padawan


Let’s talk about blood sugar. Today we cannot do the economy of knowledge about our health (anymore?) and it is even truer nowadays, while everything is denatured and polluted everywhere.

Knowing how the human body works in general, then getting to know what works for us and what does not, in particular, is essential. And for that, we must have a minimum of knowledge about the inflammatory nutrition, the intestines, the liver (these articles will be translated very soon) and it is necessary to understand what is happening with our hormones and more precisely with our pancreas, in order to be in good health.




Insulin, what is it?

To make it very simple: it is a peptide hormone secreted by the pancreas.
I leave you 20 seconds with the buddy Wiki which explains all this very well: «Insulin regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and protein by promoting the absorption of carbohydrates, especially glucose from the blood into liver, fat and skeletal muscle cells. In these tissues, the absorbed glucose is converted into either glycogen via glycogenesis or fats (triglycerides) via lipogenesis, or, in the case of the liver, into both. » (source Wikipédia).


So now we know that insulin is a hormone that regulates the metabolism of sugars and fats. It allows the liver and muscle cells to take glucose from the blood to produce energy or to store it. Insulin also facilitates the transformation of glucose into fat cells as triglycerides.
After a meal, an insulin peak is secreted, usually followed by a glucose increase in blood. Once the glucose that circulates in the blood enters the energy-producing cells or is stored, the insulin level goes down again. Only a tiny amount of residual insulin is needed to maintain glucose homeostasis.
This is what happens in the context of a balanced diet.




when insulin balances our mood and our physiological shape

You must have heard it often: sugar calls sugar. Our brain recognizes it in its primitive way of functioning and encourages us to go back to it because it is his food, our brain likes that, except that it did not anticipate that today we take sugar doses that are completely out of step with our original natural environment #Tarzan.


– Have you ever had an attack of tiredness after lunch? here we are. When this happens the reason is simple: we ate more sugar than our body needed. It is our body that sends us a message, we need to hear it and to make better choices the next time. But fatigue is not the only symptom that can appear, there is more annoying …


– Insulin has a real impact on our mood, the more we eat products that make it rollercoaster and the more we tend to suffer on the emotional level. Lower spirits, chronic fatigue, lowering of will … we are like frozen.


– Finally, if the insulin level in the blood never has enough time to drop between each food intake, the hormones of the satiety like leptin, for example, cannot enter the game. And from here we start to have more hunger than what our body needs, then we get hungry all the time for no reason.


– This hunger is not psychological, as many diet gurus want us to believe, but a hormonal hunger. It cannot be solved thanks to the will. Even Rambo, with the greatest mind of the world, after a while the tough guy is exhausted. That’s why you can’t lose weight.
Hang on the elastic waistbands of your panties (not literally, of course, it means “be ready” in French lol, ed.), we will talk about overweight in this blog and treat the hormonal and physiological aspect very soon.



if insulin gets out of control health takes a hit

Every time we eat, our body produces what is called a peak of insulin. So when we eat too often and too rich food our body is constantly producing insulin and our organism gets tired. No rest for the pancreas, things go sour and type II diabetes starts.

It is important to be aware of the importance of taking care of your body, wich is your only vehicle for the rest of your life. Exceptions happens of course, but it must not be a habit. What good is Thanksgiving if it is already celebration three times a week all year long? lol.




Is that a joke?

If it was, it would be a sarcastic one of course … here’s what scientists have discovered:


– Laboratory mice are even more frantically addicted to sugar than cocaine when given the choice between the two products.


– German scientists have discovered that autism and schizophrenia can be cured by prescription of a diet that does not include any industrial sugar.


– Alzheimer’s is also called by scientists “type 3 diabetes”. I’ll let you guess why.


– Type II diabetes is reversible. Scientists have proven that it is by no means a chronic disease. A dozen studies on this subject have shown that patients who start eating healthy and move a minimum go back to a normal blood test in a short or medium term.




So, what do we do?

Is it really necessary to tell you (again)? Ok, you were half sleeping reading this article because of my bad English, I understand, so let’s do a short summary of the do’s and don’ts…


You see me coming, my little padawan, we’re going to talk about nudism again … and yes I’m forced once again to slip it to your (do not worry you will not feel anything) mind (yes, just your mind don’t worry) that we are made to live naked in the woods, scratch the ground and catch small animals eventually (yummy, ants! it’s dinner time!), eat berries and roots.


Mother nature had not anticipated that we would refine and extract the “sugar” substance in its pure state to consume it. The result today is that we are in deep shit, but the important thing is to be aware of it. Because now that you know it you can act accordingly to preserve yourself a maximum and to keep an iron health and a mood in steel #ironman. (Yes, I am a fan of Star Wars, Marvel, and The Matrix, weird kind of girl I suppose lol, ed).


This is a short preview of what looks like an IG board, although I do not doubt for a second that you already know that you must beware of the pizza (I know you hate me right now, gimme a kiss) but broccoli is your BFF (at least for your health lol, you know I love you):




IG Bas - Focus on the glycemic index and why it is crucial




So, what did we say? We said to beware of the sugar, but we do not want to become an obsessive moron either. You can read one or two tips on the low glycemic index to help you learn if you do not know much, then you eat healthy on the daily, raw or least processed food possible, and when there is the little sister’s birthday, the great uncle’s or the best friend’s, if you want to bite a piece of cake or a piece of chocolate, it will not be a big deal (one day I’ll tell you the meaning of “bite” in French, trust me you’ll have a blast, ed).



It is also beneficial to challenge your body at times, to change your habits. When you do it, you strengthen it. Regularly, you can take a cold shower, eat a piece of chocolate, run fast for 10 seconds from time to time (or start interval training), wear sneakers without socks (it boosts the sense of smell of your congeners), get mingle with the crowd in a metal concert … (metal music is great for your health!!, ed)






So the next time a guest at Christmas eve makes a snide comment about the length of the slice of your Yule log, now you can answer that you strengthen your body 😉






Low IG XO.




Ps: If it’s at a Christmas dinner between friends and you can be your real self, just say “the important thing is not the size but the taste!”. He will never dare to talk about the size of your Yule log again, trust me. You’re welcome.



IMG 3956 - Focus on the glycemic index and why it is crucial

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