Have you always dreamed of being Spiderman? Be the hero of your own life.






“The world doesn’t care about your personal needs. The land only responds to the seeds you plant. ”
Farmer proverb.








Hello, young Padawan



It has happened to all of us to start something, give up after a while and regret having stopped a few months later, thinking back to what our life might have been, like a wet firecracker that can’t set off.


“If only I had continued my accounting studies, I would be the king of numbers today, respected by all the scales of the world!” Certainly, but that would not allow you to eat a thousand chocolate tablets. Oh, that’s fine, you’re used to it now, lol. (And if you were French you would be a hundred percent more tired of my bad puns, ed.)


Today’s article to explain to you that nothing happens by magic. But good news: it’s never too late.




the most accurate observation

No guilt, we see our failure, just the facts.

You decided to get back to sport, and after two months, you feel the motivation evaporated like snow in the sun. It’s been a fortnight since you did not set a foot in the gym, your sneakers have as much dust on it as the documents you have to hand over to the tax office since … I do not want to know, and you have as much desire to go back as a 14 years old teenager to tidy his room.


Well, you fucked up. You had promised yourself to limit the drinks to Fridays and Saturdays night, and then after three weeks, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays had more than convincing arguments. Yes, we are already Friday night in Japan, but you are not Japanese. And besides, it’s the morning here, and breakfast with sake, I’m not sure it’s a great idea.


It’s a fact, you’ve failed, but it’s not irreversible. We all have the right to make mistakes. Now that you are facing your promises and your disappointments, you will be able to remedy this situation.


Why did you want to go back to your law studies? Look for the real reasons to find out what made you quit. Sometimes we start a challenge for the wrong reasons, we don’t undertake this for us but to be like others, to integrate into society, or to please daddy or mom, for example. However, it seems challenging to succeed from this perspective.


On the other hand, if you’re sure that you’re doing this challenge for yourself, it’s time to evaluate what made you give up before the finish line. A little spoiler: often, the answer is that you or your challenge have not been the priority in your prodigious Padawan brain.


But the only one who can achieve your goals is yourself.




work flat out for the best

Taking back what you started is not a failure since you now have the experience — of the project, and of what made you stop along the way. So you’re going to win this time.


Remember that a hero never gives up what is important to him. However, you are the hero of your own life, so you know what you have to do. It will be necessary to review your priorities and be brave the time that the motivation returns but I reassure you, it does not take long to return. You know what you want, and this time you will succeed.


At first, it will be difficult, but you are not starting from scratch. A lot of what you have already learned, of what you have done, is still in you and when you see it, the motivation will come back as in your beginnings, in addition to the experience. You’re sure of what you want now; you’ll go to the end. This is your moment.


During your journey, you might have the impression that everything goes to hell, that you do not know where you stand, maybe it was madness, perhaps you did not take the right decision, or that it’s too hard. But in reality, it is in these moments of confusion that everything is assembled in our memory, it is when we think that it is too complicated that everything is printed in our brain to become our new skills, for the best.


You pushed yourself to evolve and get out of your comfort zone, so you can live and experience the best version of yourself. Welcome change.


The satisfaction of achieving your goal, imagine that a moment. Close your eyes, capture that vision of yourself at the finish line, and think about it in hard times.


Get back in the saddle and go on at any cost, as Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed.


It’s your turn to play.







And if one day you have the urge to stop, remember that when you first started, you despaired of being where you are now. So, go on, young Padawan, make yourself this gift!



Xo! 🥊



IMG 6502 - Have you always dreamed of being Spiderman? Be the hero of your own life.

Even Chewbacca had to train hard to fly the Millennium Falcon, and it did not have to be easy. Think back to the fantastic adventures he has experienced to motivate you to reach your goals!

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