When Mr Bean comes to the rescue …





Hello, young Padawan



After reading this title, you probably think of the famous English comedian. Well, no, I’m speaking of Mr bean, the king of green beans, the vegetable of the heroes!



Whether we work, have children or exciting hobbies, we cannot spend 1000 years in the kitchen; however, we need energy, good vitamins, and minerals to face our exciting life, so we can’t eat junk food on a daily, or find the time to cook twice a day.


But here are the vegetables sauté, simple and easy, that you can cook in advance for two or three meals, a pinch of magic spices will make it unique and delicious, and in addition, it will bring all the nutrients that you need to face the spiciest dailies.


Let’s see another example of fried vegetables; as you requested, your faithful servant is here to take up the challenge, and in season, of course.




The vegetable of the Heroes …

Whether they are fresh, frozen or canned, green beans are always there for a small (or big) hunger.


As a good green vegetable, it is rich in minerals, including potassium, an anti-osteoarthritis friend, but also in vitamin C (that’s why we prefer it fresh and al dente on this blog, in order to keep this precious vitamin as much as possible, ed).






A cute recipe, nothing new, still simple and effective in 15 minutes, with ingredients that you’ve probably seen here before, but have proven themselves. The important thing is to enjoy your meal, with fresh products, even when you do not have the time.


Athletes will appreciate the protein content of this recipe, to which they can add some beans, red beans or flageolets to make even more muscles, lol.




Pan-sautéed summer and its Basco-Japanese touch

(no, the chef did not smoke his basil secretly)

for 2 servings + one or two bentos…


22 oz fresh green beans (or 3 generous handfuls!)

1 block of smoked Tofu

1 cup of complete Thai rice

1/4 cup of Teriyaki sauce

1/4 cup of water

1 small clove of garlic

1 tbsp. of olive oil

1/2 tsp of Espelette pepper

4 basil leaves, for decoration.

Salt, Madagascar pepper





Trim the green beans with love, glory and … speed. If you’re a great master of the art, with a little knife and a loud “Repentless” of Slayer, it will take you 5 minutes. Ready to take the challenge?! You can cut them in half as I do, or three, but it is not an obligation, it’s your recipe; you do as you want.


When the water of the steamer is boiling, arrange the green beans on the steaming basket and cook them for 7 minutes maximum, to keep them crisp and bright green (proof that vitamin C has not oxidized ). Water them a few seconds with cold water and leave them uncovered to stop the cooking. Set aside.


Rinse the rice and cook it in a pan of boiling water, paying careful attention that it also remains al dente. Set aside.


Cut the tofu into small cubes, and remove the skin from the garlic.


In a wok, brown the diced tofu with olive oil over high heat in order to color them. When they are golden enough, add Teriyaki sauce, water, Espelette pepper, green beans, rice and cut the heat immediately.


Add the crushed garlic with a garlic press, Madagascar pepper, and a little pinch of salt, being careful because the tofu and Teriyaki sauce are already salted. Stir well without crushing green beans.





In your most beautiful soup plate or Asian bowl, arrange a few spoonfuls of this sumptuous meal, finish with a cute basil leaf at the last minute before serving so that it does not blacken with the heat of the dish.


You can accompany this plate with a tomatoes salad, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and basil, to bring a little freshness and enjoy the last weeks they are still there; because the end of tomatoes and green beans is soon.







With this dish, and following your appetite, you will have one or two Bentos for the next day at work, for example. You can keep them 48 hours in the fridge.


Enjoy fresh tomatoes and green beans; they will be gone in a little more than a month!


Green XO’s




IMG 6491 - When Mr Bean comes to the rescue ...

Simple, but so good!

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