health is not just about diet




“Health is like a kitchen garden; it needs to be cultivated”

Julien Allaire.





Hello, young Padawan


That’s it; we are in autumn, there will be fewer and fewer varieties of fruits and vegetables, the good (or bad) strategists of vitamin and minerals will be revealed. The noses will begin to flow, and the throats to sore. But this is not inevitable!


I also could have spoken of health practices in the title because health is not an inert thing but the direct consequence of our lifestyle.


If you do not want to catch a cold this autumn/winter, keep on reading.





A healthy diet, of course, but not only.

Everything we put in our body in general (no misunderstanding, little rascal, ed) has an impact on our health. So you have to pay a lot of attention to enjoy, for as long as possible, to be in good health, or to recover it. The quality but also the quantity, as well as the frequency so as not to damage the liver by eaten too often, for example, all this to maintain the good alchemy of your organs.


Food is the biggest part of it, see my detailed article here, but what you breathe also plays a key role. There are also unadapted food supplements (or too many, ed), excessive drugs without medical advice; all this can affect our health while we wanted to do well. Some overdosed vitamins will not do anything to you, but others can be very harmful. That’s why it’s always smart to seek advice from your pharmacist, doctor, or naturopathic physician.





Our mood acts on our health

A good laughing guy or a funny girl, a grandpa with a smile on his face, a positive soul, someone who faces the problems and tries to find solutions — that type of mind helps to maintain good health, according to Jeanne Calment’s geriatrician.


If you feel a little tired or sad with the shortening days, make a cake, a fruit salad and invite friends home, or put candles to create a good reassuring atmosphere, watch your favorite movie or listen to your beloved music. Try to put (and you still have three days to do it, lol) “September” from Earth Wind and Fire. And dare to tell me that you have not danced, or at least moved your feet and smiled a little! Music has much greater power than you imagine! Remember, we even bloom Orchids with “Slayer” (If you do not understand this allusion, have a look here, ed)





moving is good for hormones

But not only! Physical activity is good for hormones indeed, but also for a good mood, to don’t rust joints, to be able to climb a staircase running without being breathless, to age serenely, for motivation, for a strong mind, and I could go on!


The important thing is to move regularly, to find the activities that do us good, and never stop them. I regularly see grandpas and grandmas skiing, and I can tell you they are doing better than me! Well, I at least catch up them in the swimming pool, lol. Joking aside, physical activity keeps their flexibility on point, they have more joy of living than sedentary people because their hormones are good, and they have fewer aging pain because moving is health.


In short, put on your sneakers, your skis, or your swimsuit! let’s go, but without forgetting that …





Resting is essential

If you want to take care of your health, you need to sleep enough and think of resting when you feel that you’re starting to be tired. You are reading the lines of someone who has not seen the signs of fatigue this summer because of passionating work and who knows the consequences of lack of rest. Believe me, my little Padawan, resting is essential. So, tonight, sleep early, otherwise I’ll hide under your bed … Boo! Ok, it’s Halloween soon, and your faithful servant is a little bit excited.


Resting is not shameful, sitting between one and two hours a day doing nothing should be mandatory. Your passions can wait, they’ll be here tomorrow, and you’ll be even more productive; you’ll have plenty of new ideas. Trust me, put this ass on an armchair, and take a good book! (Or watch Netflix, ed).





Our environment isn’t to neglect

When I talk about the environment, it’s not just about where you live. Are you positively surrounded? Do you have friends or family who support you in case of a hard blow? Do you laugh enough? (When you’re tipsy doesn’t count, ed). That’s the environment I’m talking about. Because I honestly think that a person surrounded by real fun and joyful friends will live longer in Paris in pollution, than a lonely person in Wyoming with vampiric colleagues.


Of course, if you could live in the wilderness with your friends it would be ideal, but for that it would be necessary to kidnap them, and that might make them less happy (be sweet, Norbert, they did not do anything to you, sweet boy, it’s time to take your pill, lol, ed).









This is the end of these tips to be in good shape this season, only common sense, nothing new, but it’s still good in our crazy life, I think, to remind them.


Take good care of yourself, my little Padawan
Boo XO ! 👻




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This is a tiny secret restaurant … Pré-Verel Refuge, Montmin, Haute-Savoie, France.


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