« Many of those who failed didn’t realize they were this close to success when they gave up.»
Thomas Edison.




Hello, young Padawan


Whether you have set yourself small or huge goals to achieve in your life, sometimes, the daily life between the moment you decide to undertake your projects and the day you cross the finish line can seem a bit long. Even demotivating. But do not let yourself be carried away by the spleen of the young padawan. Indeed, an ambitious project, a nice goal in your life must be earned, it takes time and you have to accept it because it is part of the process.






Always stay on the move.

You will naturally have delays, especially if you have to go through administrative procedures, for example, but you must not let yourself be drawn into this vicious circle. If you are stuck for some reason, it is simple: work on the rest. It is not because you are on hold that you have to put yourself in pause mode. On the contrary, it is even a good opportunity to review things, to be sure that your project is ready, viable, and that you haven’t forgotten anything. So, when things get going again, you’ll be all set.


The more passive you are, the more your mood and motivation drop, conversely the more active you are, the more energy you have, the less you are subject to fatigue (in a reasonable proportion of course), and the more inspired you are, the more ideas you have, it’s a real virtuous circle.


If it is too easy, it won’t have the taste of success. Remember that it is normal to encounter obstacles in your path and that it is part of the process. Everybody who starts a new project goes through all this, but you have to know that it teaches you lessons, so consider that it is not a waste of time but that it will make you more experienced and stronger for the future.





Visualize the finish line.

As you already know, since you read all my articles religiously (I visualize, lol. ed), you have an absolutely unsuspected but real power over your mood. However, during moments that are a little long, a little difficult, or you if want to give up, you can concentrate 5 minutes on doing this little exercise:


Sitting comfortably, hands on your thighs (you do what you want with your hands in normal times little rascal, but this is an exercise of positive thinking huh, not a porno).


You take three deep breaths, inhaling slowly through your nose while inflating your stomach and slowly blowing through your mouth, trying to stick your navel to your spine, or almost, lol. Note that if you succeed, it is because you do not have intestines, lol.


Then you can close your eyes if you want, and project yourself into your future self having carried out all these projects. And you picture it:


– That’s it, you have achieved your goals, you are a great business leader, with a beautiful brand new suit and you are happy to have accomplished everything you had in mind, all this joy in your heart and pride in your belly, you are ready to move mountains and excited to see the balance sheets! Your family is safe, healthy and you are happier than ever, ready to take on new challenges.


– You finally master your guitar, you manage not only to play but to interpret the pieces of music that were so dear to you, even create your own masterpieces, and your friends are delighted with the improvised concerts in the living room you give to them. This summer, you are the star of the beach—the guitar by the fireside, timeless, and a chick trap. Clapton or Slash, compared to you, are amateurs.


– You finally managed to lose this weight, which made you depressed and worried you so much for your health. Today you feel good. You are no longer out of breath when you use the stairs at the mall; you even climb the steps 4 to 4. You don’t know the escalators anymore, too slow. You smile to see the young people taking them and you, running on the stairs from the top of your 50’s. Besides, you take more and more pleasure in taking care of yourself, like a skincare routine, buying a cute jacket or the pants from your favorite brand, today you are proud, liberated, and happy.





Believe in it, and don’t look just at the top of the iceberg of other people’s success.

You have to believe in your project.
Visualization exercises will help you in this direction, but you know what? As you’re no dumber than anyone else, you’re going to get there.
Others have crossed the finish line so why not you? You have the resources, intelligence, everything you need for success. Often, the problem is a lack of self-confidence.
So you have to remember something important: trying is never a failure. Failure is not doing, not daring, or giving up. If you don’t get it right the first time, you will have learned, you will emerge stronger, with a gain of experience, and probably next time you will succeed.


Behind the glitters, there are usually hidden tons of sweat and a lot of disappointments.
Know that most of the people that others put on a pedestal did not succeed on the first try; it is a decoy, a lie. Before being world champion, 100% of top athletes had failures, injuries; many were on the verge of giving up. Most successful entrepreneurs weren’t on the first try, and it’s rare to start your first business and become a billionaire. Success does not fall from the sky like magic. It is hard work, failures, mistakes, disappointments, and learning from all of this to finally find the strategy that will work. And boom, it’s working.
The key to the success of a viable project is to be daring and then to be persistent. And you will succeed.
Why? The right question would be: why not? Why not you?


So think, plan, organize, and whatever your project is … get it started!


XO 🥊




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