It’s Manicure time !





“Sometimes letting go is a more powerful act than standing up or hanging on”

Eckhart Tolle.






Hello, young Padawan



This is a brief answer to several questions received here and there concerning my various remarks on “the news.” The content of the messages came together in a question that can be summarized as “But what can we do?”. I will try to bring some ideas, as subtlety as possible, according to these special times.


To those who have deduced that the finality was probably only the beginning, that there is a good chance that what comes into their daily life as being punctual will become permanent, or even turn into an ecological or social sesame, and who cannot resolve themselves to this dystopia which is settling in a possibly irreversible way in their lives, you know deep down that there is a less painful solution than that of fighting against Goliath: letting go. But beware. Letting go in a smart, calculated, organized way, with minimum risk-taking, of course.


My motto has always been to live with society, not into it, and I can tell you that it has never been truer in my life than it is today. Society. Whether you do not feel right with it, or that you do not understand it anymore, there is always a way to either be apart from it and create your own space, alone or with a group, with its own rules and values … or bypass it. In these more than ubiquitous times, you will understand that I cannot be more precise, but I think that you will have understood that with some concessions, a little organization, relationships, and ingenuity, you and your clan can do anything. Build yourself a life that corresponds to your own values, and find peace and harmony, far from all these cognitive dissonances. To the best of my mind, and available, as usual, if my allusions need to be fleshed out on a future article.


For today, it will be nails, pretty colors, and cute. We will indeed relax talking about manicures, in joy, and with a smile. Sorry for those gentlemen (and ladies) who are not in the nails and colors thing, unless you want to inquire “for a friend”, I see you next week!





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The quest

When the great subject of cosmetics comes here, I never miss an opportunity to specify my skin type and sensitivity so that you can find your way around your skin, your expectations and adapt to your personal needs.


Well, for my nails, know that it is the same thing: sensitive. If I wear nail polish for a few days, it will take a complete regrowth of my fingernails to stop splitting. They are weakened by the products used, whether I use conventional, organic, pharmacy products, it is always the same result. I had nevertheless managed to partly avoid this problem thanks to a very mild nail polish remover which I told you about in this article here, and thus, I could still wear polish from time to time … being reasonable, not a month in a row.


So I managed to have a little fun, except that when I saw girls with their beautiful semi-permanent nails and their pretty manicures, with marbled effects, drawn palm trees … it made me want it. But for everything like gel, resin, or semi-permanent, the punishment to my nails had not been two to three weeks, but between two to three years to recover them. Never again.


I then found a quick and effective solution to also have pretty designs on the nails, which does not damage more than the classic nail polish, to do at home, which is removed with a simple nail polish remover and costs a lot less than a professional. I thought that maybe I was not the only one who wanted to have fun with pretty designs on sensitive nails, so this is left for the discovery of the century, or almost!





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The solution

Self-adhesive nail polish! Please don’t roll your eyes, I agree; it is not the discovery of the Philosopher’s Stone. But at least, with this solution, my nails aren’t damaged by the semi-permanent, and I’m not sticking to monochrome and sad style anymore!


So, there are several brands; the important thing is to be careful that they are not too thick because they will stick better and the result will be more natural. On me, it lasts 10 days. After having tested several brands, I prefer Maniko for their finesse and design, but I have not tested all the brands, of course. Be careful; if you order from them, subscribe to their newsletter and wait to receive a discount code. Indeed, I always buy at -50%; it’s worth the wait.
Finally, it is also interesting to use nail polish stickers for classic colors if you want to keep your nail polish for several days in a row, especially for dark or intense colors. Indeed, I noticed that the stickers do not flake off. So, after a few days, all you have to do is file the edge of the nails, which has faded a little. Interesting if you go on vacation, on a long weekend, or if you don’t have time to redo your manicure during the week.







Here’s something to change your mind with nails of all colors and lots of different patterns.


XO 💅



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