Summer well-being mode with this Infused water (express)





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The heat is coming back, according to the weather reports. That’s good; we’re continuing our marathon of summer-infused waters because the heat wave says there is an increased need for hydration.


So let’s go for a fresh and energizing summer drink, everything we need to make the most of the holidays — or working days for the brave!





IMG 6604 scaled - Summer well-being mode with this Infused water (express)





Fresh infused water

For a large 20 fl oz glass (multiply all the quantities if you make this recipe in a larger container).


6 slices of organic cucumber

3 beautiful organic mint leaves

20 fl oz filtered water


Optional : a few ice cubes.






Wash the piece of cucumber and the mint leaves. Cut six thin slices of cucumber with the skin using a cutting board and a very sharp knife. Finely chop the mint leaves or, as I did, leave them whole to press them 4 or 5 times with a cocktail muddler when they are in the glass. Note: if you chop the mint leaves, I recommend that you make this recipe in a carafe to avoid some mint pieces in your straw. Yes, it’s annoying.


Pour the minced mint leaves (or place them in the bottom of the glass and pound them with a cocktail muddler) into the cucumber slices, then add the filtered water. Stir and leave to infuse in the refrigerator for at least thirty minutes.





If you made this recipe in a carafe: using a fine tea strainer, a fine strainer, or a coffee filter, pour your infused water into your prettiest glasses or water bottle for the office. Add a few ice cubes for an “aperitif” effect.


If, like me, you put everything in a big cup, all you have to do is add an ice cube or two if you wish, then taste your infused water and enjoy your summer!


Keep refrigerated for 24 hours.





An idea of more infused water to make you want to drink healthy, effective and good! Enjoy your summer, and see you next Thursday for new adventures.






IMG 6606 - Summer well-being mode with this Infused water (express)

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