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“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.





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The weather is fine; it is almost warm, and yet, winter is coming. If your skin makes you feel it, you’ve come to the right place.


During this transition between summer (irritations due in particular to sweating, ed) and winter, I emphasize hydration to restore balance and strength to my skin and prepare it for the cold of winter. My skin asks me for hydration; I give it to it. Let’s listen to our skin; it will be more beautiful than ever. In general and regardless of the type of skin, in spring and fall, it is advisable to moisturize as much as possible so that the skin is ready to sweat or feel cold, thermal shocks being aggressive for it. And what is the better way to hydrate thirsty skin? The first one to answer a shot of vodka will have an hour of detention. Yes, hyaluronic acid, of course.


In terms of care, the first rule is that there is none; that is to say that on the one hand, it is our skin that decides; on the other hand, there is no obligation. Indeed, it is possible that you have other needs, or that concretely, it bores you. If skincare is annoying for you, not only will it not give you any pleasure, but it won’t work because you won’t do it well. If you are not into cosmetics, find a hobby that will brighten up your daily life and make you smile. Puzzle, cooking, basketball, reading, gardening, DIY, pornhub, nobody judges here, my porn is skincare, you see, each one has its own. The important thing is to be well in your life, because a face, wrinkled or not, will never be as beautiful as with a smile on it—a word to the wise.


Here is my evening and morning skincare ritual to give you avenues for reflection, ideas, perhaps solutions if your skin turns out to be thirsty too. And this time, there is a lot of organic and a little k-beauty (a.k.a Korean cosmetics, these are the best in the “technique” and targeted skincare, ed).





Evening ritual

Make-up removing balm from “Oh My Cream.” When heated by the skin, this balm turns into oil, then into milk when emulsified with a little water. It contains coconut, soothing oats, and jojoba. In addition to its top efficiency, the (light) smell is a marvel.


Cleansing emulsion from Oh My Cream. It contains cupuaçu butter, oats, lactic ferments to protect and soothe the skin, and phytic acid, which protects against pollution’s harmful effects. This emulsion cleanses effectively without attacking the skin.


-Honest Beauty organic retinol serum, 2 times per week, following my article’s ritual.


-Organic “Hydrating Floral Essence” mist from Tata Harper. This mist is, therefore, an essence. That is to say, it is packed with moisturizing, soothing, and beneficial ingredients for the skin. I can see the difference in just a week, like less dehydration and less tightness and fine lines.
– Goku Jyun hyaluronic acid essence from Hadalabo. Crazy efficiency, long live the Koreans cosmetics. I take all of them on the Yesstyle website.
– “Green Tea Seed Serum,” which is a moisturizing green tea serum from Innisfree, also Korean cosmetics (it is great, but smells of “aftershave for men” or “green tea paper toilet,” a horror, I will not repurchase it because of that, too bad it was very effective, but I apply it in apnea, lol, ed).
I’m not doing zoning these days, indeed, (one serum for each part of the face with a different need) because everyone is thirsty in here, from forehead to cleavage, lol.
– Again, the Tata Harper mist.


Eyes: Hylamide SubQ Eyes with hyaluronic acid, then a drop of organic cacay oil from Green Keratin, and finally the organic eye contour moisturizer from the brand Oolution, eye love.


According to my needs, Noni Glow organic oil, from “Kora organics” (nourishing) or the one from “On the wild side” (restorative).


Màdara organic night cream, the Total Renewal Time miracle. It is a rich cream that knows how to soothe sensitive, dehydrated, and even dry skin. Not for combination or oily skin, you will wake up in fryer mode.


Evanhealy Organic Shea Butter Lip Balm – at Whole Foods.


Note: It doesn’t even take 5 minutes.



Morning ritual

Lush’s “Aqua Marina” cleansing paste. Lush’s cleansing pastes are a panacea. I love them. This one is very gentle on the skin thanks to nori seaweed, carrageenan, and the Irish foam gel it contains while refining pores thanks to kaolin.


Tata Harper “Hydrating Floral Essence” Mist.


(If it is the day after retinol: hydrating sheet mask. I really like those from Pacifica organics that can be found in Europe on the Iherb website, or in the USA/UK at Target and Whole Foods Market), otherwise, there are k-beauty ones, always at Yesstyle for me.


Hyaluronic acid Goku Jyun essence from Hadalabo (which smells nothing, ed).


Innisfree “Green Tea Seed Serum” (which smells too strong, lol).


Mist Tata Harper (as long as we are in the sensory: it smells “flowers that smell of honey,” you see ?? ed).


Eyes: 2 steps serum + eye contour (the same as in the morning, ed).


“On the Wild Side” organic day cream, which is THE most delicious smelling cream in the history of the galaxy. So if you know me, that means it doesn’t smell anything, lol, except the ingredients. So it smells a little bit of sweet almond oil and “clean baby ass cream,” if you know what I mean. With it, the skin no longer feels tight, and the lines are smoothed. I recommend it to dehydrated, sensitive skin; beware of combination and oily skin: it may be a little rich for you … to be tested as a sample.


SPF from “Oh my cream”.


Tinted lip balm (see my article here).





Masks and co.

Besides the hydrating sheet masks, the Oatifix mask by Lush is my best friend. It contains soothing oats, brings softness, nutrition, and balance to my skin.


I also love the “honey mask,” a mask from the brand “I’m From”, Korean cosmetics again, on Yesstyle. Soothing, restorative, nourishing. And, yes, it smells good! (it basically smells like manuka honey).


Is it still useful to talk about my article on the anti-inflammatory diet? This is essential for having beautiful skin. Drinking water and/or herbal tea in sufficient quantity is absolutely important too.


Finally, to help your skin prepare for winter, there’s nothing like getting a good night’s sleep. So fucking go to bed earlier, you know that you really screwed up! You’re welcome.





The vice of the vice of the vice… let’s assume our vices!

Three advent calendars have caught my eye this year. The one from “Oh My Cream,” that of “Yesstyle” for the k-beauty, and that of “Leaves and clouds” … And you, have you fallen for a cosmetic advent calendar this year? Which one?

Patiently awaiting Christmas while discovering a little something every day is so comforting.


Did you know that they also make advent calendars of teas (every year, I treat myself to the “Mariage Frères” one, which I highly recommend, you can order it online), jewelry, chocolates, gardening with seeds to plant, calendars with something to assemble or build, a friend of mine took a coffee advent calendar … There is something for everyone, and that puts a little happiness in fall, every morning before leaving for work, or every evening, to brighten up the day.







Well, I’ll leave you with this cute idea, because there is no harm to have a little fun.


XO 🧴




Note: my code CHILLBYCARO entitles you to a 5% discount on the Korean cosmetics website Yesstyle. This article is not sponsored.




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