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“A healthy outside starts from the inside”







Hello, young Padawan




Before starting today’s topic and recipe, a little lightness:


“What do you call a deer with no eyes?

A no eye deer”. 


Now you’re ready to take the heavy stuff now, lol.

No matter where you live in the world, you must know the spectrum that journalists are putting over your head. Yours, because I stay as far as possible from this type of hobbies. Yes, the media is a hobby, they don’t give you information. I like to throw big punch lines without debate, and again, you have not seen my sadistic troll’s green. I prefer cat videos, there is more truth in there. You should try, it takes less time and it’s more informative.


To avoid the impact of exposure to different germs, viruses, flu, or gastrointestinal illness – in winter in particular, but all year round in general, the smartest thing is to take care of your daily hygiene and food in order to strengthen our immune defenses, just in case, so you will be ready. If you are strong, no matter the attack, your body will know how to put an uppercut on it and make it return to its mama’s. My theory is the ant’s, not the cicada’s. I anticipate, I plan, I prepare. So let’s be ready.


How do we organize ourselves? Certainly not by buying thousands of packets of pasta. Indeed, filling your body with products that are full of hyper-processed wheat will not only raise your blood sugar for nothing but also weaken your intestine which is, I remind you, in case you haven’t read this article, the strategic center of your immune system. So the pasta, once in a while ok, why not, but empty the grocery shelves thinking that you will have good stock, in case anything happens: very bad strategy.


In winter, or for any viral or bacterial situation that you may face during the year, your intestines must be as strong as Superman, your liver as light as a feather, your stomach must sing “love me tender” loudly and you must bring, most of the time, lots of good nutrients to this inner little world so that your immune defenses are optimal. Your best weapon is the hygiene that you bring to your body, internally and externally. “but I am pregnant”, “but I have a chronic disease”, “but this, but that … !!!” I hear you. Strengthening the body is also for you. Especially for you.






We adopt an anti-inflammatory diet, see my article here. We avoid sugars that bring nothing (example: sweets, cakes, industrial products, is a no on a daily, but fruit is a yes), fat that brings nothing (example: chips, fries, donuts, it is a no, but avocado, nuts, rapeseed oil, is a yes), dead products without vitamins (like ready meals, canned food, overcooked stuff, it is a no, but fresh or frozen vegetables al dente, fruits, and raw vegetables is a yes), modern gluten (pasta, white bread it is a no, but bread made with ancient wheat, German bread like we talked about in this recipe, or organic brown bread, it’s better). Avoid dairy products which are acidifying and raise the glycemic index, FYI you found the calcium in green vegetables, the darker the better, Vador would love it.


We love fermented foods to give a big help to our intestines, to show them that we love them: Miso, kombucha, kefir, Lacto-fermented tofu, raw Lacto-fermented sauerkraut, etc.


In short, we eat alive, rich, beautiful, good, sexy, … but healthy: oilseeds, seasonal fruits and vegetables, fermented foods, unprocessed foods … a nice plant-based diet is the best for your body.


We avoid booze or going out every two days. A tired organism is a fragile organism. We get enough sleep.


We practice a physical activity, adapted to our needs and abilities. Everything is great, including walking, gardening, or active shopping (active in the search for the store that will have the bag granted to your shoes, eh, not in the rapidity of the use of the credit card, lol).


We air our house every morning and evening, a few minutes.


We take care of our personal hygiene: washing hands regularly during the day, of course, but especially when you come home from work in the evening, you wash your hands meticulously for at least 2 minutes, rubbing everything everywhere up to the wrists and brushing your nails. If you have a cold, you sneeze and cough in your elbow if you cannot do otherwise, and you avoid contact with others who may be fragile. The responsibility is above all on the one who has a virus or a germ. It is up to us to be careful, because it is not noted on the heads of people if they have an immunodeficiency, cancer, if the woman is pregnant, if this gentleman has this or that genetic disease that he could end up in the hospital because of what you consider to be a minor cold. Intelligence and wisdom reside in the power to stop looking at your navel to open your eyes to others. You are not alone here, and if one day the wheel turns for you, you will be happy to know that your colleague has stayed at home with his flu or his gastroenteritis.



… And if you want to help your body a little more, in the morning on an empty stomach or as a snack, you can make yourself a little juice …





Immunity juice

For one juice

If the products used are not organic: peel everything.


Required device: a juice extractor or a juice centrifuge, a.k.a the best kitchen investment for your health.


3 medium-sized carrots (Or a huge one)

1 small apple (or 1/2 large)

1 small blood orange (or small classic orange, or a kiwi)

1/4 lemon

2 sprigs of parsley

A piece of ginger of your convenience (a phalanx of little finger for beginners, a big thumb for ginger lovers like me, lol)

A large piece of turmeric about the size of your thumb

Madagascar black pepper

Three pinches of cinnamon






Wash the fruits, carrots, and parsley. Cut the whole into small pieces adapted to the size of the hole your device (no double entendre, ed), so as not to have to force like a moron afterward (Captain Obvious, lol). Juice all the fruits, vegetables and roots alternately, so as not to overload the machine.

Pour into a tall glass or Mason Jar, add pepper, cinnamon, and a reusable straw. Sit in a nice place in the house, and take the time to drink. Slowly. We no longer take the time today, it’s your health, my lil Padawan, you only have one. If the juice stings, it’s the ginger buddy’s fault. You can, if you mind, add a carrot to drown the fire a little, or send it to me so that I will drink it for you.





Why juice? Because the juice in the extractor is stripped of its fibers. So the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients will be integrated at high speed in your body. Thus, it will only take a quarter of an hour on an empty stomach to digest it. Volatile vitamins like vitamin C, for example, will be assimilated optimally. Avoid eating anything from 3-4 hours before to at least 15′ after drinking it, to let your body digest it in peace.


With these precautions and this juice, you are ready to face the coldest Canadian cold, seaside winds, crown viruses, toothless mothers-in-law, and even tax returns. You’re welcome.



XO 🥝




IMG 6974 scaled - The immunity juice






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