To be fine in your shoes.





« If you have pain in your feet, stop. If you still have pain, change shoes». 






Hello, young Padawan


The days finally lengthen, the spring, synonymous with renewal comes back slowly. About renewal, you begin to get out of your den and get prepared for your little ritual of spring clean up to make a clean and tidy house and give yourself a fresh start. Sorting out is great, everything is in its place and as I often say: “A well-ordered house inspires a clear mind” (I’m a sort of a Walmart’s philosopher. You doubted it?, ed).


But why applying this judicious ritual only to your house? Why don’t you review what’s happening in your life too, to try to find out where are you at, and especially where are you going?


Today we’re going to tidy our heads, and I’m not going to tackle the delicate topic of spring-summer 2019’s haircuts. I do not remember if I’ve told you before, but one of my favorite actors is Bruce Willis. So for the hairstyle question, my best advice: in the morning, wipe it with a sponge and shine of your glowing charisma. Yes I know, you cannot stand my 12 yrs old humor anymore, hang on to your patience because I’m in good shape today.


We will not talk about happiness either, but you will see that this article will contribute a lot because when we know where we go and especially how to do it, we feel as light as a cherry on a cupcake’s whipped cream. And now you’re hungry. What else should I write, all apologies. (If you see the reference, you know that I love you, ed).


Adult life is a succession of “I know where I am going” vs. “I am lost”, and you must never resign yourself to this second feeling because your life is priceless, you only have one, and it is short so let’s move together and make a bucket list, I mean an effective one.




Take a break to refocus on yourself

In our crazy lives where everything seems calculated to prevent us from thinking (#conspiracynut ), it is essential to make freeze-frames of our lives on a regular basis. And this seasonal Entre-Deux is, in my opinion, a great opportunity. Trust my French.


Check what you want and do not want anymore.


Spring clean up is not just for your house. You can also decide that it is for your life, to feel better. But for that, you have to stop for a moment in your crazy life and take the time to do your inventory.




Draw up the status of the current situation

We talked about it quickly in the article last week, but some asked me in a private message on Facebook: “How do we do this?”. Just for you to know if you are more comfortable in private message I understand but do you know that you can also leave a comment on this blog? Only your nickname will appear, it is anonymous, at the bottom of each article and I would be delighted to read you here! Back on topic.


Take out your cutest notebook, the one with skulls and metal band stickers (oh sorry, that’s mine!) and give free rein to everything that goes through your head, you will sort after. Note what you like and want to improve, which does not suit you and that you would like to change. It is not a question of thinking in a constructed way here, but more of a letting go. Note, write, let your pen do the job. If you’re not used to it, it’s going to ask you a little effort of non-concentration, it’s a more difficult exercise than “just” thinking because we’re not used to it.


When I do it I would say that I try to visualize myself realizing the big and small goals that are important to me, my dream life in some way, without playing “Knockin’ on heaven’s door” at Wembley with Slash, you see? It can be a little thing I would like to check it as done, or a big project that requires me multiple stages to validate before being able to realize it (btw, I have to buy some toilet paper … I joke, but you can note it, if it’s crucial for you, ed).
Let me give you an example: In my list of plans, there are some big ones like organizing a trip, but also small ones, like to read two books a month, to work on my piano at least twice a week. What I would like to change: do cardio at least twice a week (I hate cardio, but your faithful servant’s heart must be well muscled, ed).


Remember when you are sorting in your clothes: you put everything on the bed, and then you put back in the closet what you want to keep, a pile of stuff to give, one to resell; give this notebook the look of a messy bed (but the one you put all your clothes on, not the other one, little rascal, ed). You are taking stock of the situation, note absolutely everything that goes through your head. If it does not come naturally, you can start with what’s wrong, the negative waves of your life.




set up an action plan

Highlight or circle by different colors which is the same family (professional, personal desires, relationships with your surroundings, travel desires, tasks to perform …)


It is now time to return to this list by noting the concrete solution that you see to get out of each situation, each “negative” point of your life. Example: “I do not love me anymore with my long hair” solution: “To make an appointment at the hairdresser, to have Bruce Willis’ haircut.” Sorry, example!, the real one: “I have a hard time getting along with my best friend for a while,” solution considered: “To organize a dinner at the restaurant in one-to-one, then have a discussion and find back our harmony.” “The water in my shower is too hot, I burn my ass each morning and end up looking like a too ripe strawberry,” then you note a solution: “I have to set (or make an appointment to set) my heater -water. ”


Then in a bright new page, list your plans by category depending on your wishes or possibility of realization to know the solutions that you have found, what you want to implement. It’s like making a grocery list according to Target’s departments: you will write the rice with the pasta, the cauliflower with the carrots, the shower gel with the toothpaste, except that here you will try to write them by order of emergency, or of importance to you, on each topic.


This method will allow you to have clear ideas and then take action. Because we are not here to watch the carrots grow. Or strawberries. Do you need some burn ointment?




Move forward, step by step

Transpose finally in your agenda the decisions you made in the short term as they expire, with small reminders if necessary. In a feasible way of course otherwise, it is counterproductive,


Example: Let’s say you noted in your notebook: “I do not flourish in this job, I have trouble getting up in the morning, but I still like my company. “, You had found as a solution:” switch of department,” and to be able to achieve this, you noted:” they regularly look for profiles in the Spanish marketing department, but I do not speak Spanish fluently.” You have therefore noted to improve your Spanish, you give yourself 6 months to apply, so you will note in your agenda a “search for Spanish lessons on the net”, then “make an appointment to start these lessons” then write down each “appointment with the teacher” until the deadline, in 6 months. To finally trigger the following: register for the next Spanish test which will give you your new level, refresh your resume, write your letter of motivation, etc.


It might also be: You would like to knit a sleeping bag for your neighbor’s future baby, but you never take time for your “knitting passion” and it makes you sad. You know that you have three months left. So, write a “sleeping bag” schedule of two hours in your agenda each week, let’s say every Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm, and note the “sleeping bag” deadline the day chosen, in three months. And it is Brandon (or Brenda) who will cook that day of the week. And it does not matter if it’s overcooked. Not Brandon and his artificial tanning, the food, I meant the food, try to follow me.


But it can be even more stupid than that: it’s been two years since you said that you wanted to change your shower hose because it leaks and you have to do a headstand in your shower to rinse your hair. Note in your agenda, for your next day off: “To go to Walmart buying a shower hose”. Or you can also note to go to the local collection point, to drop your old TV that no longer works and that uncle Ernie promised to repair eight years ago. Yes, I know everything.


When you start ticking your achievements day after day and your list reduce, you will begin to seriously understand the usefulness of taking the time to do this type of rituals. The confidence in yourself goes back up, your zen spirit is at the zenith, you will even sometimes tell yourself that you want more. To that I would say: always go soft because it is counterproductive to postpone things day by day in your agenda. Better always add little, and once you’ve done everything, then add a little something.







Your plan of action is on point, completed, you know where you go, in the daily as in the long term and you know where to begin. Then go! Pedal to the metal! Tick all these boxes and move forward in your life with joy and satisfaction.


It’s great to be finally fine in your Jordans, isn’t it?


So now, I’ll tick “Friday’s article” and “daily quota of rotten jokes” on my little diary, with a smile, to better meet you up next week!


«Live today, as if it were the last day. And make plans, as if you were there for eternity. »

Agatha Christie.


GPS kisses 👟



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Piece of art by : Appau Junior BOAKYE-YIADOM, P.Y.T, 2009. Photo credit : myself, as always on this blog.

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