What if well-being was also about moments of conviviality? Mango-lime mojito recipe.








Hello, young Padawan



When the news gives you pimples, the current atmosphere makes you roll your eyes, and the weather is gray, what better than a nice drink shared with the people you love to lift your mood?


So come on, let’s prepare the weekend with sweetness and good vibes, in a friendly party mode, far from this – no adjective – world, with a lovely cocktail to share with friends or family. Indeed, as good with or without alcohol, this sweet beverage will delight young and old lovers of fruit, sweetness, and subtle flavors.


You will have understood it; today, we will put peace, serenity, and joy in our lives. Let’s go.





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Mango is nicely ripe when its skin is supple (but not soft), and the sugar comes out of the “thing”.






Mango is a fruit as delicious as it is good for your health. A natural vitamin C bomb, it will care for your immune system with love, glory, and beauty.


The B vitamins it contains, especially B6, also help maintain good brain health. Like all orange-colored fruit, it is also a vitamin A panacea that helps fight free radicals and gives you beautiful skin while fighting the signs of aging.


Mango also has Vitamin K and calcium for bones, zeaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that filters UV rays for eye health, pectin, and beta carotene (Vit. A) for targeted anti-cancer action on the prostate and breast, and its fibers also improve digestive health.


In summary, thanks to your friend the mango; here you are, young, beautiful, smart, and in fantastic health. What more could you wish?





IMG 2283 scaled - What if well-being was also about moments of conviviality? Mango-lime mojito recipe.

The layered cocktail version.





Mango-lime mojito

For two tall drinks (or four little!)


1/4 fresh and very ripe mango (or 1 cup of mango juice)

1/2 kiwi, for garnish

One lime

8 fresh mint leaves

4 cups of cold sparkling water with large bubbles (such as San Pellegrino or Perrier rouge)

8 tbsp. grenadine syrup

2 pinches of cinnamon and vanilla powder (or the inside of a vanilla pod)

24 ice cubes + a little water for the mango coulis (more or less 1/4 cup)


Optional: Four corks of your best rum (or more, I’m not a snitch). If you have rum arranged with spices, it’s even better!






Note: If you don’t like ice cubes, you can transform them into crushed ice with your blender before starting the recipe (check that yours allows ice crushing before you do it, of course, ed), and set the ice cream aside in the freezer while you make the cocktail.


Cut the mango in the third of its length, cut the piece into hedgehog style mango, and cut the dice obtained. Put half of the cubes of mango in a blender or mini-chopper. Cut the rest of the pieces into smaller cubes and set them aside for the decoration and the aperitif.


Peel the half kiwi, cut two slices, then cut them into four. Set them aside for decoration.


Zest half of the lime and place the zest in the blender with the mango pieces. Cut the lemon in half, and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the blender. Add cinnamon and vanilla.


Blend everything until you get a puree. Add a little water to obtain a coulis.


In a fairly large carafe, place the mint leaves previously crumpled between your hands, the mango coulis, and gradually pour the sparkling water, whisking for 2 or 3 seconds so that the mango puree is well incorporated with a whisk electric cocktail shaker or a classic whisk—Reserve in the fridge for at least two hours.

Note: no need to whisk if using store-bought mango juice.


Optional: This is the time to add the rum to the carafe, or split the drink in half and make one part with and another without alcohol if you want all your little family to be able to taste.





IMG 2280 - What if well-being was also about moments of conviviality? Mango-lime mojito recipe.

This was to show you “how to do it.” Now, here you are, a real bartender.








Two options are available to you. Mix the syrup, or make a layered cocktail. I propose, you choose:


1 / Layered cocktail: In your prettiest cocktail, beer, or iced tea glasses, pour the syrup in the bottom and the ice or ice cubes on top. Using a spoon (see photo above), slowly pour the sparkling mango water over it, forming a layered drink.


2/ Classic mojito: Stir the syrup in the mango soda water. Place the ice cubes in your prettiest cocktail, beer, or iced tea glasses, then add the beverage.


3/ Decoration: Pierce your previously cut fruits with your prettiest cocktail skewers (or toothpick), alternating mango and kiwi. If your skewers are wooden and too long, you can cut them with a good knife or scissors. You will notice your faithful servant’s adorable little spikes; they come from Japan. Yes, everything is cute in Japan.



Install the small skewers on the glasses, add a slice of lime, and that’s it!









Well, I hope this cute cocktail recipe will help you spend a great evening surrounded by people who laugh and smile to recharge your batteries in this – still no adjective – world.


XO 🍹



IMG 2286 scaled - What if well-being was also about moments of conviviality? Mango-lime mojito recipe.

The classic mojito version, where everything is mixed.

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