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Hello, young Padawan


In this article, we will take care of yourself, because I heard that you had an important date on Sunday. Yep, with yourself. Valentine, the day of love is also that of self-love, especially in these modern times when it is difficult to find serenity. Sunday will therefore be the day of self-love, alone or accompanied, and anyway, if you are alone, you will have the best company possible (yours, try to follow, ed).


So what are we going to talk about today? Clothes, makeup, cars? Nope. Better: A juice that makes you beautiful! We will improve our morale, intestines, liver, and stomach thanks to the fennel and lemon, but also take care of our skin as never before with the apple and the kiwi. And besides, this juice is absolutely delicious, what more can we ask for?


Ready? Let’s go.






The kiwi can be considered a superfood, especially for its vitamin C content: 98 mg per 100 G. Only currants and guavas beats it in the kingdom of fruits. You might as well say that free radicals do not last long with their great vitamin power and that your immune system will also be delighted. It is small, but it is also strong against certain cancers resulting from the oxidation of the DNA, by preventing the blood’s oxidation (*).


The kiwi is also good for transit thanks to the fibers it contains and reduces bloating and gas (in the event of an important meeting, I put it here, a word for the wise, ed).


A little reminder to people suffering from anemia (not enough iron in the blood): Always accompany your foods containing iron with a food containing vitamin C, such as kiwi, for example, because vitamin C helps your body to assimilate the iron.


It is also rich in vitamin A, E, and B9 and contains omega 3 and 6 for good cardiovascular health, for example, and is full of good minerals for bone and dental health and lutein and pectin to protect the skin.


Therefore, the kiwi is your best friend for beautiful skin and good physical health and against stress, nervousness, and anxiety, which will be only a distant memory thanks to this fruit with a thousand virtues (thanks to the vitamin C it contains ed).





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The “beautiful skin” juice

For one juice.

– This recipe requires a juice extractor (slow juicer) – 


A big fennel
An Apple
A Kiwi
1/2 lemon
A piece of ginger of the size of your choice (for my part, the size of a finger phalanx, when the uninitiated will put half of it because it is strong)
A piece of turmeric the size of your choice (here I put a bit the size of half of my index finger)
Madagascar pepper mill
A pinch of Madagascar vanilla powder






Cut the apple into 6, the piece of lemon into 4, the fennel into slices so that you can put them in the extractor, remove the skin from the kiwi and cut it into 4. Do not peel the apple and the lemon if they are organic.


Pass all the pieces through the extractor, alternating them at random, without forgetting the piece of ginger and the turmeric.






In your finest large glass or mason jar, pour this sumptuous juice of the color of the sun, add the pinch of vanilla and pepper, stir well.


Drink it slowly, preferably on an empty stomach, wait 15 minutes before getting on your breakfast so that the vitamins can be assimilated by your body (time to take your shower, for example). If it’s for a snack, you can add, after the waiting time, a handful of oilseeds to last until dinner.







There you have it, a great juice that is as good for your skin as it for your health.



Have a nice weekend, take advantage of this precious time, alone or accompanied.


XO 🥝






(*) Source : Nutritional modulation of DNA repair in a human intervention study – Andrew R. Collins, Vikki Harrington, Janice Drew, Rachel Melvin.



IMG 9533 jpg scaled - Beauty as a kiwi

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