You don’t go hiking in the mountains with a heavy bag.




There are many little sparks of potential deep within you: they only require a breath to ignite in magnificent successes.
Wilferd Peterson.





Hello, young Padawan



How do you want to achieve yourself, to face daily life, and to set up your projects if you have no self-esteem?


Accepting yourself, being kind to yourself is the starting point to undertake. And when I tell you to undertake, I am not talking to you about setting up a pizza truck on the edge of a ring road (even if …) but to undertake everything you start in your life in general, even if there is a pizza truck in your mind.


Do you want phenomenal information? You only have one body for your whole life, one brain, one soul and you have to deal with it. And so much the better. Because you are a good person my dear padawan.

Are you imperfect? Great, perfection is boring.

Are you very, very imperfect? Marvelous, so you are an interesting person.


First, perfection is unattainable, and second, if you get close to it you have such societal pressure that it’s harder to be happy. To corroborate this, you just have to look at the public figures who are put on a pedestal, say for example for their physique: they have such pressure to always be dressed to the nines, that as soon as they have a wrinkle – in addition to the one on which they are sitting on – or a little belly, they are humiliated in the public square and thrown into oblivion. It is a pressure from which you are exempt so you can breathe, and that does not mean that you are less great because in the end, without the many artifices, these people are not superior and it is for this reason that many of them live it so badly, you see, in the end, it’s good to be you.


Life is a hike in the mountains and it’s up to you to choose what to put in your backpack: If your bag is filled with light and positive thoughts towards yourself and others, they will be useful to you on the path of your life, you will know how to manage the trials and tame the unforeseen, whereas if your bag is full of heavy and disabling thoughts, when the time comes to cross a pass it will seem inaccessible to you.


This is why a similar experience can be lived differently by two people, one with the heavy bag will live an insurmountable drama, complain, and be lost, while the other will say “oh, fuck it, I will put this and that in up”, move on and do something more positive with it.


Good news: you have already managed multiple adventures since your birth, you always got out of it and you will continue in this direction, because you know deep down that you can do it, that there is always a solution because in the end you have no choice but to pass this track to access the next path and you will go through it anyway, so you might as well cross it smoothly. Straighten up, in the mountains you shouldn’t look at your feet but look ahead to anticipate situations.


How do we do that? 
Well, it’s simple: you have to “Suffer to be beautiful”.

A popular expression that I declare unofficially misunderstood, you are free to follow me in my hallucinogenic delirium with a strong verbena-mint tea: you have to suffer for a beautiful mind, for that your “being” – your soul – be beautiful because in a mountain hike we don’t mind the clothes and the fashionable hairstyle. Anyway, when you’re beautiful on the inside, it shows on the outside, double great effect.


Courage, is what generates the greatest self-confidence and the greatest respect for those around you.
Dare to confront your fears, insecurities, and anxieties to accept yourself just as you are, make peace with yourself and be more tolerant to others. This is what allows you to fill your bag in a light and useful way.
Accept yourself as you are, you will fill your bag of benevolence, and your mountain hike will no longer seem to you to be a priesthood strewn with pitfalls but a wonderful path to travel and your eyes will leave the sight of the ground to finally observe the magnificent landscapes.


For that, in a previous post named “Happy New Year, my ass » (Yes here we are serious, not vulgar for a penny, and especially right in the codes of the blog in here, ed.) you will find a very simple exercise of self-acceptance, in the softness and the benevolence, and if you want to go a bit further on, you can (re) read my post: “be positive from day to night” which suggests that you work less than 5 minutes morning and evening in order to program your pretty brain in positive mode. Yes, a brain can be programmed, you doubt it? Have a try to be convinced 😉


You can also read this post, where we were talking about hiking shoes, or how you can have a light bag of kind thoughts but be crippled by bad shoes that hurt your feet.



Smile, and Namaste, my dear climbing Padawan,

XO ❤️



12 on ne part pas en randonnée avec un sac vide - You don't go hiking in the mountains with a heavy bag.

Le Paquier, Annecy, Haute-Savoie, France.


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