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Let’s start a new infused water recipe sequence for this summer. If you haven’t followed our series from last year, you can find them in the section “eat” and “juices et snacks” on the blog, but I’m obviously saving you some time and you just have to click here, here, here, here, ou there.


Today’s infused water will refresh your throat while awakening your senses; young and old will love it: no long speeches and place for the recipe of childlike simplicity.





IMG 6246 scaled - Energizing Infused Water





Apricot currant infused water


1 large ripe apricot

5 sprigs of currant

2 liters (or 68 fl oz) of filtered water


Optional : a few ice cubes.






Wash the apricots and currants in clear water. Using a cutting board and a sharp knife, split the apricot in half to remove the pit, then cut it into thin slices.


Pour the pieces of apricots and the branches of currants into a large carafe, then add the filtered water. Stir and leave to infuse in the fridge overnight – minimum 6 hours.





IMG 6249 scaled - Energizing Infused Water






Using a fine tea strainer, a fine strainer, or a coffee filter, pour your infused water into your prettiest glasses or water bottle for the office. Add a few ice cubes for an “aperitif” effect.

Keep refrigerated for 24 hours.



Here is a lovely recipe done in one minute flat to help you maintain optimal hydration. The energy and spiciness of the current marry superbly with the sweetness and roundness of the apricot for your greatest pleasure.


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IMG 6247 scaled - Energizing Infused Water

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