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Here we go again for a new heat wave scheduled for this weekend. So for those who will be under it, here is a new idea of infused water to drink without moderation to cool you down as much as possible.


If you want another recipe idea, you can click here, for a refreshing recipe that will be good for your blood circulation.


And for people who asked me which carafe I use, it’s this one. I have had it for 10 years, it accompanies me every summer and holds up well. The filter is used to put tea or rooibos for a cold infusion, or mint leaves when you’re just making yourself simple lemon water.



It’s plastic, but know that when the plastic is not heated, there is no transfer of substances harmful to your hormonal health. See my article here on plastic if you want some more info.





IMG 3128 scaled - Summer freshness infused water

Peach, mint, and turmeric infused water is infused and ready to enjoy. Fancy a drink?





Peach, mint, and turmeric infused water

2 very ripe peaches

6 mint leaves

A piece of fresh turmeric

2 liters (or 68 fl oz) of filtered water


Optional: a few ice cubes.






Wash the peaches and mint leaves. Cut the peaches in half using a cutting board and a very sharp knife so as not to crush them. Remove the stones, then cut the peaches into small dice. Finely chop the mint leaves, and cut ten thin slices from the piece of turmeric.


Pour the pieces of peaches into a large carafe, add the minced mint leaves, and the slices of turmeric. Then add the filtered water. Stir and leave to infuse in the fridge overnight – minimum 6 hours.





Using a fine tea strainer, a fine kitchen strainer, or a coffee filter, pour your infused water into your prettiest glasses or your water bottle for the office. Add a few ice cubes for an “aperitif” effect.

Can be stored refrigerated for 24 hours.




There you go; all you have to do is to enjoy this pretty infused water, fresh and delicious as you wish! Remember to drink when it’s hot outside, dear Padawan; your body needs it!


XO 🍑





IMG 3139 scaled - Summer freshness infused water

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