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“Love does not give any rights over the others, only the duty to respect them.”.

Jacques Salomé.







Hello, young Padawan



Today we are going to touch on a vital subject. Nothing more, nothing less. We are human beings, great hairless apes, Homo sapiens sapiens. Until then, you follow me. Now, as a bipedal mammal, if there is one vital thing our modern societies have deprived us of, it is connection. Connection to self and to others.


However, this link is essential. We have more or less lost this notion for some time, and it is deplorable, because it is the key to our personal and collective energies. If you doubt it, read Jung, he will be able to convince you better than me.


So if you want to recharge your batteries like Elon plugs his Tesla, nothing could be simpler; just follow the guide.





Rediscover connection to oneself, for one’s well-being

Touch is essential for the human beings we are—no exceptions to this. Massages, hugs, or holding hands reduce stress and boost the immune system; it’s a fact.


A massage, in particular, improves posture and circulation, reduces anxiety, relaxes sore muscles, moderates tension, reduces stress, and strengthens the immune system. It improves circulation by removing wastes that accumulate in the bloodstream. As far as the circulatory system is concerned, massage slows the heart rate and regulates blood pressure; nutrients and oxygen quickly reach the areas that need them, reducing inflammation. It will also act on the production of serotonin, the hormone of well-being, and lower the production of cortisol. Thus, thanks to muscular and emotional relaxation, well-being and tranquility settle for the better.


To start, you can give yourself a self-massage, in conscience, ask your spouse or friends, or even get a regular massage from a professional. A simple oil or a massage bar will do, and you will feel the benefits immediately. I suggest a bath, a nice-smelling candle, and soft music for more well-being. The craziest among us will even make tea. Madness!


I admit that your faithful servant widely uses the massage by a pro option, and even if I were president, it would be refunded by helth insurances. If there are people in Detroit, MI, USA, I recommend the MGM’s immerse spa, if there are people in Annecy, France, I recommend Zoé.


Whether the massage is performed by yourself in self-massage, by a pro, a friend, or your spouse, there is only one rule: focus on the intention, then on the attention. Want the best for the body, and then pay attention to the areas that need it the most, which have tension, or on the contrary, the more sensitive areas on which it is better not to go like a wrestling champ.





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Reconnect with others, for the better

One does not go without the other, and above all, the connection to others cannot be made if you are not connected to yourself (for a little help, I suggest these articles here, here, here ou there, ed). Indeed, how to recharge a Tesla if the socket is not connected to the network? As proof, if this example seems a little eccentric to you, imagine that the masseur also secretes serotonin when he massages his patient. Crazy, will you tell me? Elementary, my dear Padawan, I will answer you.


We are all together on this planet, connected to each other, and this, no politician, virus, or wacky dogma can change because such is our intrinsic nature, the one that makes us who we are: human beings.


No need for the internet or smartphone since we were born connected to each other. All this modernity has more or less broken the link, but rehabilitation being light and without side effects other than becoming tactile, you might as well get started now. Massage your buddy’s shoulder, give your toddler a cute hug, kiss your darling wife, and presto, we’re back on track for well-being. And if you need a little help, you can click here.






There you are, dear Padawan. I hope I have convinced you to take care of yourself or to have yourself pampered to reconnect with our human nature by one of the simplest and most natural: touch.



XO 🤗





IMG 5068 2 - The golden energy.

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