What if we gave ourselves the right not to be well? (from time to time…)






« Don’t let your hurts turn you into someone you’re not. »
Paolo Coelho.










Hello, young Padawan,


In our education, we learn to be kind to others. I remain convinced that to be able to really be kind, you must, above all, succeed in being benevolent towards yourself. But there’s no shame in being you, for real, and sometimes we are not in the mood.


This morning you didn’t get up in a good mood, there are mornings like that…





No shame, no guilt.

Sometimes when we get up in the morning, we can be a little less motivated or a little sad.
Watch out for a big revelation; I will teach you something about yourself, something crazy: You are human, an imperfect being, 100% does not exist, and even Victoria’s Secret models poo!
Take a few seconds to get over it if you want because I realize the extent of this revelation, lol.


Because a drop in mood is not a tragedy, you must know how to welcome it with kindness and de-dramatization to get out of it faster. Because the risk is to lie to yourself, to let it settle for too long undercover and make you become a person who no longer looks like you, but don’t worry, it doesn’t happen in a day, and if you’re there, know it that can change too, it just takes more time.
Even sad and discouraged, we are always ourselves; there is a way to get up.

You’re not well, you’re not okay, and then it’s all no drama in that, period. No guilt, you have the right. Take that right.


But we’re going to take advantage of this moment of blue mood to take advantage of it. Because it’s not healthy to always be in an “I’m fine, I’m fine” mood and lie to yourself, embrace this moment with kindness, openness, and observation. Listen to what’s wrong.





Identify the why.

Opening your eyes to your discomfort is an excellent way to move towards the positive. So we allow ourselves the right not to be well for a day, to be all grumpy for a few hours.

« Omg, I am ugly, stupid, fat, ugly, useless… »  — pick the one you feel, or all of them.


How’s your boat, full? You forgot a bad hairdo too. What, you like this hairstyle? Oh, sorry. No, I didn’t say anything.


Without judgment, we observe and take note of what is happening to us. What is it that you’re so limp this morning? Identify the real why. What is the reason? Did you have a nightmare? Is your job you can’t stand anymore? Is it your colleagues? Your spouse? An argument or an unfortunate word the night before with your BFF?
Identify what is wrong, and you will find the solution.





The plan.

Once the reason has been identified, we find an action plan to slowly motivate us to return to the positive path.


You’re sad this morning because it’s already May, it’s spring, and you promised to get back to working out, and you still haven’t started? If you did not start, you must know why. Fatigue? Time? Lack of time? What’s the grain of sand that’s “stopping” you from going? And especially, the solutions to remedy it.

Then, I recommend to you my fine article named “Happy new year, my ass” (you read well, ed) in order to understand the mechanisms of “new resolutions.”


Are you sad because on the radio this morning, you heard a wonderful song on the piano, and it reminded you that you absolutely wanted to learn this instrument and that you never took the time? Wouldn’t it be time to take it?


Are you sad because you still have to get out of bed to go to this job that you couldn’t care less? — to be polite. Wouldn’t it be time to take a few minutes each night and send out resumés or look to do some training and switch jobs? And yes, it’s never too late.
Why don’t you look into a new, more connected branch that will connect you more?

Or take this work philosophically as a way to access what you want (travel, house…).





Solution found: action to take.

Once you have found the solution to overcome what was making you sad, you will see your morale go up hour by hour; you go back to the project, one eye on the actions to be taken, the other on the calendar, and you get out of this situation, you will be able to start the process, and you will see it is the most challenging first step, the more actions you take, the more you are driven by this project, pride appears, joy and motivation redouble.


And that’s the most challenging part, I agree because we would like to have the motivation from the start to get started finally, but you have to know that it’s by taking action that the real motivation appears; the more you act and the more you are motivated.


If I take the example of a job search, the real motivation, the one that put opportunities in front of you, comes during the first or second interview.


About sport, it comes at the time of the first results observed. We are thus made it is necessary to accept it, but once the virtuous circle is engaged, allow me to tell you that you have a smile 24/7.





“In this gray afternoon, I found a ray of sunshine.” Finally, granting yourself the right not to be well may be a moment of introspection, and you should not hesitate to take advantage of it.


As often when I quote Paolo Coelho at the beginning of the article, I bring him up again at the end because he is damn talkative but often in the right way :


« Whoever wants to see the rainbow must learn to love the rain.»
Paolo Coelho.



XO 🏋️‍♀️




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