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Today, we will make ourselves a veggie juice for beautiful skin, a strong heart, great energy, a mental at the top, but with an intriguing color. Of course, if you drink this in public, people will ask you questions, especially if you’re afraid of crucifixes or cloves of garlic, lol.


“Blah blah blah, to have this blood-red color, there is necessarily beet in it, blah blah blah, me I don’t like that, beet”. So, first, we have to regularly taste again the things that we do not like because our tastes change with age, second, this juice has very little beet taste.


Besides, when you have a cold, your pharmacist makes you drink disgusting powders to stir in a glass with water, that mixes badly, and it makes lumps, and it stinks, and it has a terrible taste … So why not treat your health with juice from time to time to keep your body healthy, even if it is not always 100% to your taste, rather than having to drink those brown-yellowish suspect sachets from your pharmacist, not to mention the fatigue of having caught a cold, and blah blah blaaaaaah.


Finally, wouldn’t it be more logical to eat and drink things that are good for health, even if they are a little less tasty, so that they do us good inside rather than one day having to waste our time visiting the doctor and having to take pills of all colors? Pleasure is important, but you can find it elsewhere than in food, for example here or there, and everywhere in the “well-being” section of this blog. Happiness is mostly found elsewhere than in food, in fact. But this is not the debate, because my juice IS VERY GOOD.


And no, I’m not upset. Wait, I’ll sulk a bit and I come back. 😂








Regarding its assets for good heart health that we have already discussed here, today let’s talk about another shade of red, betanin, one of the pigments that give beets its color, is believed to decrease the onset of skin, liver, and lung cancer.


Knowing that in winter, our risk of getting sick depends in particular on the vitality of our immune system, it is interesting to look at which fruits and vegetables have a high content of vitamin C, for example. Chance (or Mother Nature) doing things well, in winter we have citrus fruits and vegetables, and one of which is often forgotten … guess which, … “beet”. Well done.

Beet, with its vitamin C and antioxidant content, helps stimulate the immune system and improves the activity of white blood cells.


Full of beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A – beet is among the vegetables that contain the most in the plant kingdom, ed), it is a panacea for eye health, but not only. It is great to avoid chronic diseases, but also for the skin, which will be delighted with all these natural anti-aging products to keep it smooth, fresh, and glowing with health.


And last but not least, for athletes looking for performance: beet juice, by reducing the cost of oxygen during continuous efforts, would increase athletic performance. Notice to marathon enthusiasts, to your juicers!


FYI, to those who have a garden: you can also eat beet leaves, they have multiple benefits, can be cooked like spinach, and are very good!





The antioxidant juice of winter

It’s very simple, but it’s an antioxidant bomb.



For one juice


Two medium sized raw organic beets
A beautiful orange
A piece of turmeric, the size of your choice
A piece of ginger, the size you can handle (for some, a little goes a long way, because it is too spicy for them, lol)
Half a lemon






This recipe requires a juice extractor, also called a “slow juicer”. I reassure you, this will be one of the best investments you can make for your health. If, however, you would still like to do a little “test”, replace the raw beets with cooked ones, cut them into small cubes, as well as the peeled orange and half a lemon, pass the turmeric and ginger through a garlic press and put everything in a blender. You will have a smoothie, so not the expected “health” effect (the purpose of the juice extractor is to remove the fibers to improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals, ed), but at least you will have the taste.


If you have a juice extractor, as an expert Padawan, you just have to cut your beets and lemon into pieces as usual (with the skin if it is organic, there are plenty of good essential oils in it, ed), peel your orange and cut it into four or six pieces (the skin of the orange is irritating to the intestine, do not put it in your extractor, ed).


Put the beet pieces alternately with the citrus pieces, so that the extractor does not have trouble crushing the hard pieces of raw beet. Don’t forget to add the turmeric and the ginger.


You will obtain a smooth, balanced, and fruity juice, but not too strong in “beet”, I promise.






In your prettiest cocktail glass or Mason jar, pour this sexy red juice that would make all vampires craving, and drink it slowly, as with all veggie juices. You can add a little decoration if you wish, for the cute effect that your faithful servant particularly appreciates.


If you want to make it a snack, or to lower your blood sugar if you are athletic, replace your usual fruit with this juice and add a handful of oilseeds of your choice (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, or cashews … ). It will be a perfect snack that will keep you energized for hours.




This one is one of the juices that I make to people I want to “convince” about the benefits of juices, and except one exception, everyone who tasted it loved it.


Let’s go for a nice winter in great shape, with energy and happiness!




XO 🥤




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  1. Connie
    25 August 2022 / 20 h 47

    I made vampire juice, and it tastes great.

    • 25 August 2022 / 21 h 00

      Thank you for your feedback! I’m so glad you like it. ❤️✌️

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